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‪Somewhat impromptu trip to Bakersfield! With Captain @dragoness flying us there! I’ve never been on a plane that Kysh was the pilot on before, and I’m so excited!‬

My new shark 'sona ^_^ I finished this painting up yesterday. ^_^

I have completed all of my training and checkrides, and I'm now an airline captain.

I like my hair... heck, I like the whole way I look. I mean, I should have scales and wings and such, but ...

To some degree, things are looking up for the cyberpunk set :P

What’s cyberpunk aesthetic without a nice phat dystopian fascist corporate oligarchy run by a fat narcissist propagandist?

Hi, loves! It's a beautiful day in Denver, and I'm alone. The first breath of spring is on the air, and just like in life, I'm excited for what is to come.

I should mention that the Boise bit didn’t last —I quickly got awarded SFO. ^~^

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Have you appreciated the dragons in your life today?

*sends appreciation to @dragoness and @coda *

This has been an extremely long week, with a deep dive into the systems of the jet I’ve been flying for the last four and a half years. I’ve had a great time, but six days of 9-hour mentally-draining classes in a row is starting to wear on me.

I got awarded captain! I'm going to be a Boise E-175 captain. ^~^

I'm sleepy. I have to chill here at the airport for two hours (unpaid, of course. If you can ever see a pilot, we're not getting paid) then fly to Monterey.

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Ephemeris is in the last phase of editing. I think. I hope. At this point, it really depends on test-reader feedback. I do hope it's good, though—I'm excited to start typesetting. This book is twitching to be released, and I've already started working on the next one.

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