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Ephemeris is in the last phase of editing. I think. I hope. At this point, it really depends on test-reader feedback. I do hope it's good, though—I'm excited to start typesetting. This book is twitching to be released, and I've already started working on the next one.

Finally done with this week. Airline life is a strange mixed bag. It's exactly not what everyone thinks.

Me and my parents back during my professional swordfighting days. ^_^

I did another self-portrait.

Before anyone thinks I can actually paint, I should mention that this one was painted over a stock background from the painting program I was using.

I'm still pretty happy with it, as a reference. ^_^

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#Pinup, #art, #experimental, #CommissionsOpen (++) 

GCS,GRS,SRS,TLA, surgery, transgender, surgical complications 

Also, everyone always recommends speech therapy for trans-folk in lieu of vocal surgery... but I can't ever actually find any practitioners!

Odd question—does anyone have any doctor recommendations for trans-related care in the south bay? For a rainbow-coated area, it feels horrendously underserved. My previous endoc was very old-school, and very inflexible. He retired, and the person who replaced him has a 3-6 month wait to schedule. (My schedule doesn't allow me to schedule more than a couple of weeks in advance)

Blood, Armor, Dragons 

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reposting art. furry and robots 

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Oh my goodness my mom is Lwaxana Troi.

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new studies show that hugging a dragon is good for your health! hug a dragon friend today!

All the world is dust and bone;
over the horizon, flowing on...
dry as nightmare, cold as stone.
Where have all the dragons gone?

Beneath the stars, I walk alone
With no wings to bear me on
across the desert of the known.
Where have all the dragons gone?

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