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Ephemeris is in the last phase of editing. I think. I hope. At this point, it really depends on test-reader feedback. I do hope it's good, though—I'm excited to start typesetting. This book is twitching to be released, and I've already started working on the next one.

@neoninteger Seconded. I hate, hate, hate video. It takes forever to get any information.

Finally done with this week. Airline life is a strange mixed bag. It's exactly not what everyone thinks.

Me and my parents back during my professional swordfighting days. ^_^

I did another self-portrait.

Before anyone thinks I can actually paint, I should mention that this one was painted over a stock background from the painting program I was using.

I'm still pretty happy with it, as a reference. ^_^

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@alexandria_ I have a strong aversion to putting myself out there in a non-furry context. Especially places like Reddit, which is part of the "bottom half of the internet."

GCS,GRS,SRS,TLA, surgery, transgender, surgical complications 

@pandora_parrot Yeah, Bruhn. I wasn't super happy with Bruhn by the end. I haven't had any real notable results after a few years on hormones, and his prescriptions seemed a bit one-size-fits-all. He also kept getting annoyed with me when I wasn't able to make appointments because of my work schedule.

GCS,GRS,SRS,TLA, surgery, transgender, surgical complications 

Also, everyone always recommends speech therapy for trans-folk in lieu of vocal surgery... but I can't ever actually find any practitioners!

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