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@zorinlynx Oh, you're THAT Zorin! ^_^ I'm Kysh from FM circa 1995ish - present. It's so weird seeing og on social media.

@yakkoj @zorinlynx The Pre 3 finally got the hardware right. Sadly, it was too late. And the stupid tablet...everyone was installing Android on it. Oh well!

@Ember @zorinlynx I still have a bag of pres, including the unreleased pre3, which finally had hardware to match the quality of the software, and was available for GSM or CDMA carriers. WebOS was absolutely fantastic, and definitely deserved better. I'm so happy to hear that somebody appreciated all the work we put into it! ^_____^

@zorinlynx Hi! ^_^ I worked at Palm for the duration of the project, and got scooped up by HP to continue my cloud work. I was the cloud architect for all of the backend services, and worked closely with the developers on the platform.

horny for fictional characters 

horny for fictional characters 

Unemployment — I've updated to Mastodon v3.1.3. If you see any issues, let me know.

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‪Somewhat impromptu trip to Bakersfield! With Captain @dragoness flying us there! I’ve never been on a plane that Kysh was the pilot on before, and I’m so excited!‬

@coda @pandora_parrot Well, I do like that for sure. But my workflow involves a modular, so that's the driving factor for me...

@coda @pandora_parrot That's awesome! ^_^ How do you like the keystep? I'm thinking about getting a keystep pro when it finally drops. Honestly, I want a workstation like the keystep pro with 61 keys or 88 though...

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