My new shark 'sona ^_^ I finished this painting up yesterday. ^_^

I like my hair... heck, I like the whole way I look. I mean, I should have scales and wings and such, but ...

nudity, transgender, dragon, breast development 

Me and my parents back during my professional swordfighting days. ^_^

I did another self-portrait.

Before anyone thinks I can actually paint, I should mention that this one was painted over a stock background from the painting program I was using.

I'm still pretty happy with it, as a reference. ^_^

Blood, Armor, Dragons 

I ascended to adult last night in Istaria.

After an incredible amount of work—and a lot of assistance I neither asked for nor expected from the older, wiser dragons in the community around me who observed my plight and jumped in to help—I participated in my ceremony of ascension on the Peak of Storms.

I wish I’d recorded it—it was probably the most beautiful, epic, personal moment in my gaming history.

The mists, the lighting, the music... I brought @Nix and @Ember along with me. <3

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