Thank you @pandora_parrot for helping me with my workstation setup!! There’s a wall mounted monitor, a docking station, shelves on the wall, this great workbench... we are building the perfect battle station for music and art stuff :3

@coda @pandora_parrot That's awesome! ^_^ How do you like the keystep? I'm thinking about getting a keystep pro when it finally drops. Honestly, I want a workstation like the keystep pro with 61 keys or 88 though...

@dragoness @pandora_parrot I love the keystep as a really convenient portable keyboard! I really like that it supports midi over USB AND DIN-style midi ports, which means I can both use it with my computer and with outboard gear sans-PC


@coda @pandora_parrot Well, I do like that for sure. But my workflow involves a modular, so that's the driving factor for me...

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