Odd question—does anyone have any doctor recommendations for trans-related care in the south bay? For a rainbow-coated area, it feels horrendously underserved. My previous endoc was very old-school, and very inflexible. He retired, and the person who replaced him has a 3-6 month wait to schedule. (My schedule doesn't allow me to schedule more than a couple of weeks in advance)

@dragoness Mine just retired as well. Same Doc? Doctor Bruehn?

The one I'm trying to see also has a long wait, but there's someone else in her office that has less of a wait. I could get her name.

Can't say anything about them besides their availability, though.

@pandora_parrot Yeah, Bruhn. I wasn't super happy with Bruhn by the end. I haven't had any real notable results after a few years on hormones, and his prescriptions seemed a bit one-size-fits-all. He also kept getting annoyed with me when I wasn't able to make appointments because of my work schedule.

@dragoness almost certainly ask reddit for this, the trans resources there are pretty great I think? (at least they were a few years ago when I was checking it regularly)

@alexandria_ I have a strong aversion to putting myself out there in a non-furry context. Especially places like Reddit, which is part of the "bottom half of the internet."

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