Woking on a personal project that I had put off for so long.

This is a box lid for mason Jars. Its gonna be a cover for our AC unit in the room. To help block the cold air from hitting my face. And noise reducer too.

This here is stage 1, painting with black 2.0 for a base.

Got further in this. Few layers of blackest black then the iridescent celtic symbol was added next. (Its not centered MB)

Tri-love is kinda what I was going for. Didnt like the triskele look or meaning as much. Meant three legged/arm. As much as it is sometimes with my mates, didnt feel right for a cover logo XD

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Now im indoors cus its too cold to paint XD oh and dark too.

So Ive added some of the important detail to start painting. Will add more as I continue inside XD

I have no knowledge about micro chips or how it works together. Just an artist looking at ref photos and close ups!

Little further with details. Think I’m going to add blue for the lesser lines. Really liking where this is going. Unsure what to do with blank areas, Mates suggested to not paint in them. Might do that XD feels odd leaving it blank..

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