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‪Shoutout to me accidentally dumping a half glass of water directly on my crotch, while standing. Not my smoothest move. ‬

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Valentines dinner with my cuties. <3

@dragoness @Nix I love you both. <3

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@pandora_parrot That’s been my experience with art, the whole time I’ve been learning. Just constantly seeing new things, and realizing they’ve been there forever and I never noticed. Shadows have color! It’s weird and I never noticed it before!

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musing on oddities surrounding a high school teacher (+) 

@dragoness Yuuuup. Good news! Wetware is on the way? I guess?

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@Hi_cial I’m quite enjoying it too. It’s good and queer and the characters are flawed in good way.

I miss my dragon terribly. I want to see her. One week. One week then I’m flying out to her.

birdsite link 

hockey, me playing (+++) 

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