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‪Sorting coins cause they’re in my way when cleaning. In addition to USD, I’ve got on hand coins from: Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico, and Turkey! Plus a bunch of arcade tokens from like 6 different places, and a bunch of squashed pennies.‬

Only the single Turkish coin was given to me. The rest I ended up with while traveling when I was younger.

LB: Ok, I love this honorific? Mre. Finch doesn’t quite work as well as Mx. Finch though.

selfie, ec, new haircut 

selfie, ec, new haircut 

planning for collapse (~) 

‪Hey. I know a lot of folks are working from home for the first time. My mom’s been working at home for 20 years, and has some really good advice to share in order to make it easier.‬


rambling about commissioning art (+) 

I made a shrine for worshiping @dragoness.

(We’re cleaning and I picked the candles and painting up at the same time and couldn’t resist the idea)

‪Somewhat impromptu trip to Bakersfield! With Captain @dragoness flying us there! I’ve never been on a plane that Kysh was the pilot on before, and I’m so excited!‬

LB: This is amazing!!! I love this.

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taxes (+) 

‪Shoutout to me accidentally dumping a half glass of water directly on my crotch, while standing. Not my smoothest move. ‬


Valentines dinner with my cuties. <3

@dragoness @Nix I love you both. <3

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